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Support for Winkyverse Holders

The DAO BIM proposes a solution to investors harmed by the Winkyverse project, whose token $WNK has sharply declined in value due to unfulfilled promises and other issues. As part of this proposal, the DAO BIM allocates 30,000 $BIM to repurchase $WNK tokens at a price higher than the current market, thus offering investors an honorable exit. This initiative aims to strengthen trust and solidarity within the web3 community while avoiding harm to the perception of crypto projects in France.

Winkyverse holders have the option to exchange their tokens for $BIM with vesting plans ranging from 3 to 24 months, with repurchases progressively higher than the market price. The goal is to support Winkyverse investors while reinvesting assets in the development of the BIM ecosystem, which demonstrates stable and profitable growth.

The repurchased Winkyverse tokens will be exchanged for stablecoins to fund DAO BIM development initiatives, with community participation in decision-making.

Vesting period Reward
3-Month Vesting 4%
6-Month Vesting 9%
9-Month Vesting 15%
12-Month Vesting 22%
24-Month Vesting 50%